SHHH 24 – SUNDAY 11th, 2012 – AI Programming Challenge and Challenge Coins for lighting talks

Hello Hackers,

The next SHHH is this Sunday Nov11th, 2012. Thats Sunday! not Saturday, (Note: Monday is a holiday)

Remember to BRING YOUR OWN CUP !

More info about this SHHH 24

We have two special things planned.

AI Programming Challenge
We will be having VHS’s first AI Programming Challenge. The challenge will be easy enough that any person with a high school level of knowledge of C++ should be able to participate. It should also challenge anyone that wants to show off their coding skills and go the extra mile.

Three simple examples will be provided to give you a head start on the challenge, so you don’t have to write all the repetitive stuff.

The details of the challenge will be released the night of, at 8:00pm and run until 11pm (3hrs). Your entry source code will be published on github. You should bring your laptop and a pre set-up compiler that supports standard c++. (Note: STL is heavily used)

Challenge coins for lighting talks
Anyone that does a lighting talk will get VHS’s first Challenge Coin.
This is the updated final version of the Challenge Coin. It looks a lot prettier then the one in the post (Thanks Richard)

Each SHHH the Challenge Coin will change and hopefully be designed by different people


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