Geocaching and Geo Coin night.

We are giving a workshop on the basics of geocaches at VHS.
During this workshop we will cover the following topics.
  • What is geocaching?
  • What do I need and how is the game played?
  • Where do I find a list of geocaches?
  • What are the rules of geocaching?
  • What are Trackables?
We will also bring some geocache examples and a slide show of images.
If there is time we will be creating our own geocache to be places in the parking lot near the space.
Did you know that there is a Geocache on the International Space Station?
Did you know that there are over ~1000 Geocaches in Vancouver alone?
Tuesday 16th Oct, 2012 @ 7:30pm
45 west Hastings, Vancouver Hack Space
Anyone that wants to learn about Geocaching.
Everyone is welcome, members or non-members.
Bottom liners: 
Funvill, Stevemopolis, and Fishboy
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