Entries for September, 2012

What’s going on @ VHS, September 2012

Robert, a skillsaw, and I added a new shelf, designated EL-E. That’s (theoretically) room for ~20 more shoe boxes full o stuff. Special thanks to Tim and everyone who came out to the “How to Patent II” night for their patience with our noisy equipment. Notice how much room there is on the electronics bench? […]

A Lithium Ion Battery Bestiary

Amazing VHS Member & Bag of Mostly Water Simon wrote a great expose on lithium ion batteries to the members list. It was so insanely amazingsauce that we just had to share it with you. You can also find this permanently on our wiki here. Enjoy!   Thanks to the support of His Excellency, the […]

Project: technosuit

I’ve been working on a project involving an Arduino Mega 2560 and a bunch of LEDs and electroluminescent wires. The application was to control a wearable lightsuit which responds to outgoing MIDI messages from a sequencer (Ableton Live in this case). It’s now officially up and running and has been out in public, with very positive results. […]

Crypto Party – September 21th, 7pm till late

“Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world.” – Cypherpunk Manifesto, 1993. Data retention, wiretapping, interception, stalking.. Make it really f&*^ing hard for them! —–BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY—– ty8xLMIIEowIBAAKCAQEArmkP2lNe9A87PfX5Xg1EewDiCzGLkSOuKAbA3y2ZQ0C 2BBeg2khGVLqBf0OSBuKDDwYmv6J1mjJbgP3cIPBclQkDd9XVGFfvhHsMVNKCgpv xf5lkPcnPEbz3pmXilW8dkFn9/Q/LaBxVUR6g6Utci4vcddwEJaIHx3MaPKGSG4q DvnwUgwhmEeI/HKqICitnWtas3K5xK7SIkVKrmS6th2qYgGj/aGNckF8b/PihGjY qGhGGbHaalyjePo2OflxvCq3GKPOwo3US3nY9mzrXfuCiPGrkFeqKiLKOcXkTmJS lbl4mUJrnvBJaqBUxnPGff+RjHri9BSWai9rdU99ZCwIDAQABAoIBADx8IwtMLnn 5NZKel7yOTVl7DOlk3UoQXa1z6h976NLx81PiHcwtlHZ917sS6+mHVHw5XebHqJE eglgHd2DU+saUwacleSlgFaiUI8qm1qwE+mSg7OmAu1cjeZ8zZkj8p/wPuY2xlJE L6u53jzZY9FdQwbv9+VIzxw7cVBUC03DJLgNrTn3ckKEzc3Kriib+z9rI/GCELu1 s2v/xfH/kkGLRqE7KCk77Hh3/STAxySam3MonvN0XlRM8A1gIW94tyEAbmoLxbOC xcLX1YaV3Cxi9ACC4PdydA0Ypsrf4VEN7ETRKH7iTiYBAUZ7LudfESGZXfGP1GDU oZFzxIBtOa8ECgYEA1bUbWUeJ7+WfDa8JmmIa8mLb5M59gFgh4J9IDNJx8ZNrRNu nwtrjAIfDIYMqmooaof7YgsxgLz+ZcU| |Jh751ms0wkds3Snl+6qBy/3HnI48qb jnjkjdadap/ __| ‘__| | | | ‘_ \| __/ _ \n98sau98u98a98798782hiuh  jxxccdsad| (__| |  | |_| | |_) | || (_) |a86K2Mzwj+99uhjk1hj1hjs akjskm098h\___|_|   \__, | .__/ \__\___/jd99s0a9l0990a7+dsaknad7  1JJKJadsakkjoiu2090c|___/|_|-09jdalkjlkadklsalkd87saihbdsannxx11              uoZFzIBtOa8ECgYEA1bUbWUeJ7+WfDaMDCrxsZxmLb5M59gFgh4J9IDNJx8ZNrRN S8618Nmjsk8amJndpoqkjlnd8751nj98SNJDkZnMma| |nmMALKnAPOQIuuKNMCD Zn18LOomsklnma87891ncmn4I| ‘_ \ / _` | ‘__| __| | | |BhaLkw8JhGa shJkLKjkalk12/+1dsVcfgDsS| |_) | (_| | |  | |_| |_| |Nz87893oihj M09A8KaNma187HJkadnM+sdVf| .__/ \__,_|_|   \__|\__, |10Kla+4lsdN cmMN1Janbsd82HgdfG81445Mn|_|0Kla/sHaj243676HaK1|___/aZdhjkaZ817d tUY1xI/zRRZvw88GajezKm3oiRjdppiLVqSwYG6NRkoZvGkTUUljq60klkjee+5T […]