Electrochemical “computer” demo

Biopoiesis (currently in progress) is a series of experiments exploring the relationships between structure, matter, and self-organization, with a goal toward the development of autonomous computation and control systems in a computational “primordial soup”. It is based on the work of cyberneticist Gordon Pask and his research into electrochemical control systems that had the ability to adaptively construct their own sensors. This series of DPrime projects demonstrates the computational possibilities of natural processes that might serve as an alternative to the more commonplace digital forms of computation.


We’ll just be doing a short demo, answering questions and discussing strategies for possible future workshops. Hope to see you there!

Biopoiesis from DPrime Research on Vimeo.

Where: VHS
When: 7:30pm Dec 20th, 2011 Tuesday

Talker: Carlos
Bottom liner: Steven Smethurst

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