Workshop: How to assemble a 64 watt panel of solar cells, enclosure and all.

The class will take place August 7th (Sunday) and the class will be from 10am to 4pm.
The Vancouver Hack Space is located at 45 W Hastings, very close to the downtown core, and is in an amazing space for tinkerers and science geeks.

We’ll start with an intro to basic electrical theory for the first hour or so before getting our hands dirty in the step-by-step assembly of a full 64-watt waterproof solar panel. There are three major objectives to the class – things you’ll be able to do before you walk out of the room at 4:00.

  1. Chat about and get a solid understanding of basic electronics – amps, volts and watts, why the cells are put together the way they are, how solar cells generate electricity, the basics
  2. Assemble 1 fully functional 64 watt solar panel
  3. Learn where to source parts and supplies so that when you go home, you can build as many panels as you want

The class will include everything you need to build the panel (the cells, the glass, the sealant, wiring, and so on), plus a guidebook on where to source the parts and equipment necessary for you to go home and build another one. We’ll also host a round-table discussion afterwards (time permitting), where we talk about the practical uses for the electricity that you’ll be generating.

The cost: $280 (taxes included) for equipment, instruction, plus a share of the cost of booking the venue.

If you want to bring a friend or two and build a panel as a small group, each person who is “helping” but not building their own solar panel would only be $50 per person.

Registration is limited to 10 people building panels, plus another 10 observers at most. Please send an email confirming your interest and I’ll send you an invoice for the course via PayPal. If you’re building a panel we will need to receive your payment on or before July 31st to guarantee your spot (and your cells, to account for shipping time).

If you have any questions or want any more information please feel free to email or call. Both Devin and I work a regular Monday to Friday job so please pardon if we’re slow to respond during the day. I’ll keep in touch either after 4:30pm weekdays or on lunch/coffee breaks. I look forward to a great class!

Solar Brainiac: solarbrainiac -[at]-

Note: The hackspace will be closed to regular members while this workshop is in session.

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