Super Happy Hacker House XVII


Hear ye hear ye.  All countrymen and ladies are welcome to attend the VHS biquarterly event known as the Super Happy Hacker House.  This event is the XVIIth SHHH, and will celebrate summer hacking in the glorious City of Vancouver.

Bring your ideas, smiles and good friends down to VHS to celebrate with the hacking masses.  This is a bring-your-own-ale event, although there may be some at the space to share.

Dress is hacker-casual.  Skulls and crossbones are suggested/encouraged.

Who: You, Me and any hackers, craftes, makers, moders, doers, thinkers, and all their friends.
Where: 45 West Hastings – Back Alley Entrance
When: July 23, 2011. 7:30pm – 1am
Why: Because its awesome.


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