Have you ever wanted to build a little rubber-band powered airplane that actually flies?

At the upcoming miniMakreFaire, I will be doing workshops, teaching folks how to make a flying model.
BUT, if you want a private preview, this coming Tuesday (May 31), I will be at the Hackspace, and if you want to build your own flying model, I’ll help you !

At the ‘space, cost for materials will be $4.

If you are under 8 years old (with an on-leash adult), or desperately poor, I’ll donate the materials to you for free.
I’ve helped over 1,000 people complete these flying critters, and every one of them flew.
It takes about 1 – 2 hours to build. I will bring enough materials for a dozen people (little people get priority, but mostly its first come-first-served).
You will have to find a clear 2 by1 Foot workspot at the Hackspace (You are on your own with that).

See you there!