Recap: Super Happy Crafter House 1.0

Thanks to all who came! Great to see some new faces and projects.
Thanks to Funvill for the sauceome timelapse.

Here are some project highlights. Please add what you were working on, I’m going to do my best to remember what most people did!:

  • erinbee made a rag rug – so beautiful and bright!
  • Maia took apart some of the old circuit boards set to be thrown out and made some sweet dangly earrings
  • Vincentpants learned to crochet
  • Christina did some more needle felting and brought some onion skins for a future dye pot
  • Dave made an epic cake
  • Emily made dangly earrings using paperclips and string. She also brought her Lilypad & conductive thread – she plans to do some sort of cross stitching project with it very soon.
  • Jeff mended a sweater
  • Jamie worked on an Arduino-powered tilting tripod for long exposure light painting
  • Goldfish 3d printed
  • Christa worked on some awesome slippers, soon to be felted – her friend completed a really cool alarm clock project they’ve been working on
  • Jen who came all the way from LA made her first toque! (and learned what “toque” means in Canadialand)
  • Alex, also from LA worked on some sound editing for a movie he’s working on
  • John & Funvill (Steven) experimented with stencils

I am a meat popsicle.

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