Hey Hackers.  Just thought I would share my success story with the new VHS MakerBot.

Backstory:  Two days after purchasing a new cupcake holder one of the 4 corner snaps broke.   Rather than returning/exchanging the product, I decided to repair it.

Designing:  Using a pair of digital calipers I measured and reproduced the part in Google Sketchup.  The process took no more than 20 minutes to get the basic shape sketched out.  Once I was happy with the look of the part I exported it to a STL file using this ruby script.

Printing:  The printing part was very easy.  The MakerBot software directly imports STL files.  Once the part was imported I clicked the button to generate the GCode necessary to drive the machine.  25 minutes later I had a completed part with the exact dimensions as the original.

Conclusion:  The MakerBot rocks!  The process to design, create and print any custom plastic part is so easy!  I would almost encourage people to break something just so they can have the opportunity to try out this process.

good times!

Original part: