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* Grievance Procedure

  • Intention

Banning anyone from entering the space, and to strip anyone of their membership, but must only do so in circumstances where this is best for the Hackspace as a whole. We will only apply this policy to repeat offenders who persistently demonstrate unwillingness to cooperate. Throughout the process every effort will be made to keep clear and constructive communication between the mediator, the offending party, and any other affected parties. If at all possible the mediators should not be a party to the conflict. The Board of Directors cannot be the mediators if a member of the Board of Directors is an offending party. When the Board of Directors cannot be the mediators, the mediators will be selected by membership community.

  1. Introduction
    • This policy applies to both members and non-members who use the Hackspace.
    • The offending party is a person in violation of the Rules, causing persistent annoyance, or they have the potential to harm other users of the space. This person may be banned from the space.
    • Before the formal banning procedure is entered into, an attempt must be made to resolve the issue informally.
    • However, in the case of direct physical violence towards any person in the space, a member has the authority to immediately ban the offender for one month and refer the case to mediator.
  2. Member Process
    1. The offending member must be given at least two official warnings before being banned. At every stage, it must be made clear to the party where they are in this process.
    2. At every stage, mediators must be in agreement that allowing the user to continue to use the space would not be in the best interest of the organization.
    3. At every stage, the offending party must be informed of the reasoning and be allow to represent themselves. As much detail as is appropriate must be made available to all members. The offending member should not be publicly named until they have been given at least two official warnings.
    4. By default, a ban will be for a year. At discretion a reduced ban period can be issued.
    5. Bans of more than one year may only be issued in extreme circumstances. All bans must be reviewed yearly.
    6. The ban will trigger the process to remove the member according to Hackspace bylaws.
    7. The mediators must seek feedback from the member community to ensure this process remains fair and balanced.
  3. Non-Member Process
    1. The offending non-member may be banned without an official warning.
    2. By default, a ban will be for a year.
    3. Feedback from the member community is not required.
  4. When a person is banned, their right to access the Hackspace is revoked. Any entry to the space without the prior, express permission off mediators will be considered trespass.
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