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VHS has several silkscreens and associated paraphenalia that can be used for community or personal projects.

If you have art that you would like to print onto t-shirts, posters, etc. you can bring it by the hackspace and burn it into one of our screens. Note that screens are a community resource, so 1) screens stay in the hackspace, and 2) a screen that you've lovingly stripped and burnt with your own design may end up being stripped and re-used by someone else, possibly without your knowledge or consent. For now, we're going to leave this as an unregulated process. If it descends into chaos and feuding, a silkscreening signup sheet and/or silkscreening moderator may appear.

At the moment we have:

  • 6 silkscreens ~18"x24"
  • 1 lightbox for burning screens (sadly too small for these screens - stay tuned, a bigger one will appear someday)
  • 2 squeegees
  • green silkscreening ink (water based)
  • blue silkscreening ink (water based)
  • UV reactive silkscreening ink
  • screen stripper
  • nitrile gloves
  • brush for applying stripper

Any silkscreen-related donations are much appreciated.

We are all super-duper excited about the possibility of someday getting a laser cutter so we can make mind-blowingly badass stencils. If you're interested in donating to the future laser cutter fund, talk to us.

Registered folks can upload silkscreening designs to this page for future silkscreening extravaganzas.

Silkscreen designs

Disclaimer: Blatant copyright violations notwithstanding, designs posted here will be treated as part of the public domain. Anything posted on this page may end up becoming freely and/or widely available without warning…or not. If you or the creator wish to retain creative rights to a piece, please do not post it here. If you wish to make use of the silkscreens and also wish to retain rights to your art, contact the hackspace directly.

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