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Grizzly G0463 Mill

model Grizzly G0463 (a Seig X3)
serial something
Status Operational as of 2013-11-26
Usage Restrictions Members with Training
Training Mandatory
user certification required YES
Hackable NO
Owner Richard Sim
If it Breaks Let Richard know, put up an Out of Order sign
Loan Status (Unknown, Owned, Permanent, Temporary, Semi-Permanent
Arrival Date November 12th 2012
Location Workshop Danger Zone
Value $$ lots
Champion QuanaParker


If you don't know what you are doing don't touch it.


Detailed specifications and references to information describing the tool. Strive for comprehensive! Coming soon…



Wish List

  • A set of Parallels.
  • Machinists Square.

Maintenance Log

Any maintenance, repairs, relocations, changes, etc to the tool should be logged below with a note, date and who!

Note Date Who
Wiki entry updated Nov 27, 2013 QuanaParker
Vice alined and bolted to table Nov 26, 2013 QuanaParker
Tool/Work bench built grizzly_toolbench_img_3981.jpg grizzly_toolbench_img_3983.jpg Nov 26, 2013 QuanaParker
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