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  • owner = Vancouver Hack Space
  • user certification required = Tool certification doesn't exist yet.
  • hackable = No
  • model = Delta
  • serial # =
  • arrived = April 2013
  • does it work? = Works for large stock, but is missing the small blade insert. I'm looking into getting a replacement.
  • if it breaks = Unplug machine, put a “broken” sign on machine, contact Chris.
  • contact = Chris Cudahy
  • where = Workbench
  • value = $100

Safety at a Glance


  • Safety Glasses
  • an experienced bandsaw operator (if this is not you, you must get someone to help you!)

Optional (but recommended):

  • Hearing Protection
  • Dust protection


  • Gloves (NEVER use gloves near rotating machinery!)
  • Loose clothing
  • Loose hair

Safe Operation Details

Description: Before using set blade tension with the spring loaded lever on top of the machine and adjust the blade guides as needed. Release the tension when you're done. This extends the blade life.

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