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To Do

Here is a list of things that have to be done. As VHS is a Do-Ocracy, feel free to take ownership of anything you see. It will pay off in spades (or hackspace-cred).


  • Revamp landing page (make it less intimidating and clearer for prospective members) (the Old Start is much better laid out, just very out of date)
  • Finish tools pages/compendium of champions
  • Continue laying out rules/code of conduct/kaizer
  • Add github link to relevant pages
  • Documentation for:
    • Server rack (currently running services, what they are, how to use them)
    • Networking equipment - testing and production (what they are, what they do, firmware version, etc)
    • Hacking the LED wall
      • Assuming we have the new one in time?
    • Using the 3D printers (usage / training manual, documenting mechanics, electronics and maintenance)
    • E-cycle charging station (point of contact: Jarrett)
    • How to run an successful event/workshop at the hackspace - Steven (funvill), Tom K (build on from suggestions linked from Requested Workshops)
    • How to run a SHHH - Steven (funvill)
    • Intro to the space, How it works, What is acceptable, what is not. - Steven (funvill)
    • Advanced laser cutting techniques - Steven (funvill), Adam B
    • Use/ Care/ maintenance of the soldering irons, for beginners (build on from the soldering comic - tinning, when to change tip, etc.)
    • component shelves. (rough map - switches are here, resistors here, etc.)
    • Assembly instructions for the V2 VHS Quadcopter workshop. - update These ones for new design and software - Jon G.)
    • Membership signup/ keyholder procedures (Tyson is handing off to Jon/Jarett, good time to capture the knowledge!)
    • VHS specific raspberry pi/arduino beginner set-up guide (you will need an adapter from $X, we keep a monitor hooked up to benches $Y… in addition to the usual install raspian type stuff) her rating.
    • Door system - isvhsopen, light switch, api
  • Bring back group orders page
  • Orientation tour instructions - what to mention, etc.

Danger Zone


  • Ruin the environment to save on heating or cooling costs, in a seasonally appropriate manner.
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