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Food and Beverages

Collected here.


Craft Supplies

  • Urban Source: Main Street between 15th and 16th Ave. All kinds of recycled craft materials - everything is cheap!
  • Dressew: Hastings Street about 3 blocks west of VHS: Sewing/fabric/knitting/etc. Huge selection, dirt cheap!
  • Yoko YaYa: Tinseltown Mall, 1st floor. Japanese dollar store with all kinds of neat stuff.
  • Daiso: Aberdeen Mall in Richmond. Same as Yoko Yaya, but about 5 times more stuff.
  • Michaels: Alberni Street near Burrard Street. Has almost everything craft-related, but is expensive.


  • Home Depot - Terminal Ave (about 1km east of Science World)
  • Home Depot - Cambie near Broadway
  • Army and Navy - Hastings Street downtown or 8th St in New Westminster.

Screws, Fasteners


  • Metal Supermarket: Two locations: close to Lake City Way skytrain station in Burnaby AND just East of the Knight St Bridge (close to the IKEA) in Richmond. Good source for metal rods, beams, angled, etc. in stainless steel, aluminum and more.
  • North Star Metal: Metal recycling (wander around; just stay clear of the forklifts).
  • MB Superior: Metal recycling (good for wire; ask them to see it).
  • Main Sheet Metal: Main Street near National Ave, just below the Georgia Viaduct.
  • Esthers Sheet Metal : 3890 East First Ave. Next to Pacific Fasteners. Is a trade supplier that mostly does made to measure flashings for construction. Will cut metal sheet to size and bend as per spec.

Machining and Metalworking



  • Ringball: Mainly bearings, some linear slides and some acme screws and such. Good prices, but $30 minumum order.
  • DealExtreme: Free shipping, probably knockoff bearings.

Casting and Mould Making

Costuming and Makeup FX

  • Fiber-tek: Boundary Rd at 1st Ave. Sell Worbla and casting supplies.
  • HollyNorth Production Supply: 1st Ave at Boundary, kind of hard to find. Large range of makeup FX and similar products.




Computers & etc

  • NCIX / Netlink Computers: Anything by way of computer stuff, many locations
  • Linhaw: Cables, racks, etc (Need an account ahead of time, sells to businesses only)

Online Retailers

Electronic Components

  • Digikey: They've got pretty much anything, and they ship overnight from Canada.
  • Mouser: Similar to Digikey, but ship from the US (taking an extra day usually).
  • Newark element14: Similar to Digikey and Mouser, but slower and more expensive shipping.
  • SparkFun: Awesome site with tutorials and lots of breakout boards and rad parts.
  • Adafruit: Good starter kits, mostly revolve around Arduino.
  • Seeed Studio: Similar to SparkFun, located in China. Offers services such as PCB manufacturing and laser cutting also.
  • ITead Studio: Similar to Seeed Studio, and also located in China.
  • Modtronics Australia: Very Niche store - great for hobbyst wireless modules

Free samples

Many semiconductor manufacturers run sample programs that let you get small quantities of chips for very cheap or free. Some programs require a registered business contact. See this wiki page for more information.


  • Solarbotics: Robotics related parts (motors, electronics, gears, sensors, etc).
  • RobotShop: Robots and related parts.


  • Inventables: Acrylic sheets, woods and vaneers, moulding materials, etc.
  • RepRaper: Cheap ABS and PLA filament, parts, and electronics for 3D printers.
  • OpenBeam USA: An online retail store that sells mechanical bits and pieces for your projects.
  • McMaster Carr: Massive catalog of engineering components, US only shipping (won't even ship to the US for Canadian billing addresses)
  • Misumi USA: Another massive catalog of engineering components


  • Deal Extreme: Almost anything is available here from electronics dev boards to clothing. Chinese, very cheap price & quality, free slow shipping.
  • Ali Express: Sort of Amazon meets eBay in China - and almost everything that is manufactured in or for China is available here (i.e. almost everything).
  • Lock Pick Canada: Lock picks, practice locks, related tools


  • Apex Jr: Surplus gear at good prices, lots of audio amplifier bits including toroids. Will ship a 4 lb bag for US$13.
  • Electronic Goldmine: Surplus electronics parts, lots of unique stuff.

Cross Border Shopping

In general Point Roberts is closer and easier on Transit/Bike. Blaine is further but offers the chance to pick up a parcel as part of another trip. Tax info at CBSA.

Software tools

  • Online gear calculator
  • Algodoo: Free 2D physics software (linkages, springs, motors, optics…)


  • Great West Wholesale - This is a wholesaler for anything you would find at a dolor store.
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