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Super Duper Happy Hacker House #2

Come hack at the Super Happy Hacker House. This SHHH's benevolent dictator is @lukec.


  • When: August 15, 2009 - 7pm until late late
  • Where: VHS - 45 West Hastings (alley entrance)

The event is free and a $5 donation to VHS is very much appreciated. Please feel free to bring your own drinks.

SHHH Event Notes


  • 7pm Doors, hacking starts
  • 11:30pm Lightning talks, sign up @ VHS
  • Hacking continues until people leave or sun rises


Please feel free to suggest topics for the evening that you would like to hack on:

  • Open Government / Open Data –lukec


Interested in coming? VHS isn't a huge place, so come early! Space is our only limit.

VHS has room for 50+ people

Please add your name below if you:

Will likely be there:

  • @lukec
  • spiri
  • @duckysherwood - I want to make OpenLayers take Google-tile-esque overlays nicely. <b>Crap. I went to the Hastings entrance, and that didn't work. It also didn't seem like a good place to be loitering. Sigh. I'll come next time.</b>
  • robbat2 - probably just scoping stuff out again, arriving really late

(Or sign up on Meetup:

Will possibly be there:

  • you?
  • Ali

Most likely be there: * Ifny


If you'd like to sponsor food or drink, our hacker community would appreciate it! Please sign up below and/or make something happen on the night of the event.

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