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Super Happy Hacker House

Super Happy Hacker House (SHHH) is inspired by the Super Happy Dev House and Hackerspaces communities.

From the SHDH site:

“… a non-exclusive event intended for creative and curious people interested in technology. We're about knowledge sharing, technology exploration, and ad-hoc collaboration. Come to have fun, build things, learn things, and meet new people. It's called hacker culture, and we're here to encourage it.”

Most importantly, regular SHHH events will provide a time and space for such collaboration. What we make of it is up to each participant.

Typical Event Schedule:

  • 7pm - doors open, start hacking
  • 11pm - Lightning Talks - 5 minute presentations on cool things
  • Hacking continues until people leave or until sunrise.


If any local companies would like to support SHHH, they are encouraged to purchase food and/or drinks for hackers.

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