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-====== Overview ====== 
-Owner = Vancouver Hack Space\\ 
-User certification required = YES (see below)\\ 
-Hackable = NO\\ 
-Arrived = March 30, 2012\\ 
-Doesitwork = WORKING - Setup and testing in progress\\ 
-If it breaks = Turn off main power, leave water cooler running for 5 minutes and then shut off the Master Power and unplug. Put a BROKEN sign on machine. Notify Members list and Laser Cutter Committee immediately.\\ 
-Contact = Richard Sim or any Laser Cutter Committee member\\ 
-Where = Laser Room\\ 
-Value = $3500 + ~$1000 to get it here and set up\\ 
-Work area size = 1000mm x 800mm 
-====== Laser Cutter User Certification ====== 
-Anyone who wishes to use the laser cutter must be both a VHS member, and have completed a laser cutter training class (class dates are announced on the members'​ mailing list) 
-If you are planning to take a class, please first read through the operation manual. 
-  * [[laser_cutter_operation_manual|Laser Cutter Operation Manual]] 
-  * [[laser_cutter_workflow_tips|Laser Cutter Workflow Tips]] 
-  * [[laser_cutter_settings|Materials and Settings Chart]]