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This is a sample of a possible electronic part organizing system that draws on Octopart's database of component, vendor and distributor data. See the general mailing list for details.

Benefits greatly from a patched version of the sortablejs dokuwiki plugin, available here: (not security reviewed)


Part number Type Value Package Description Avg unit price Quantity Location
VJ0603Y104KXJAT (datasheet) Capacitor 0.1uF 0603 CAP SMT CER .1UF 16V 10% 0603 4K/TR $0.02 5000 Reels
LT1366CN8#PBF (datasheet) Op Amp DIP-8 IC, OP AMP, DUAL RRI/O, 136… $5.35 ~3 Tubes
LT1521 Unknown SOIC-8 ? *Not found* *Not found* 1 Tubes
TC551664BJ-15 SRAM 44-pin IC,SRAM,64KX16,CMOS,SOJ,44P… $7.00 2 Tubes
6288FS (datasheet) Motor driver SSOP-16 *Not found* $3.24 20+ Tubes
AT90S2313 4SC Microcontroller SOIC-20 IC AT90S2313/SO/AT90S2313/4… $6.50 ? Tubes
OPA2277UA (datasheet) Op Amp SOIC-8 High Precision Operational … $3.54 ? Tubes
SN74AC574PW (datasheet) D Flip Flops TSSOP-20 Octal D-Type Edge-Triggered… $0.55 ? Tubes
REF02BU (datasheet) Voltage References SOIC-8 +5V Precision Voltage Refer… $4.93 49? Tubes
SN74LVC04APWR (datasheet) Buffer Gates TSSOP-14 Hex Inverter 14-TSSOP -40 t… $0.22 50? Tubes


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