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We're moving to 270 East 1st Ave soon.. we need to get a plan in motion to set the new space up.

The current layout is here

Order of Operations

Move things in this order

  • Phase 0: Documentation
    • Set up webcams on timelapse mode in both locations
  • Phase 1: Rough-in, prepare for move
    • Create walls for tool room, finish only outside of wall
    • Move in nokia desks
    • Move in relevant tools (skill saws, hammers, …)
    • Install Lockitron
    • Rough in the electrical
  • Phase 2: Rough setup
    • Hire electrician to install breakers, hook up outlets
    • Set up nokia desks
    • Start moving in boxes from old space
    • Move in CNC and other possessions from storage
  • Phase 3: Rest of it.
    • Install shelving
    • Move everything else
    • Party.


Please see the VHS calendar for our current move schedule.

Needs & Wants

  • shelves for tote bins
  • walls for machine room
  • walls for lazzor room
  • kitchen space?
  • Two rooms (workshop & classroom), maybe a 3rd for the laser and mill.
  • (everywhere) Electrical outlets every 6 feet
  • (classroom) Projector mounted to the ceiling with all the cabling coming back to a single point.
  • (classroom) Speakers mounted on the ceiling with the cabling coming back to a single point.
  • (classroom) single long table like we have in the current space.
  • (classroom) white board on all the walls. or one big one at the end.
    • has anyone worked with the Rustoleum paint-on whiteboard? Is that an option?
  • Transfer insurance to the new space (Richard S will do this. Awaiting required information from lessor).
  • Arrange garbage bin/pickup.
  • (everywhere) Network Jacks every 6 feet.
  • (workshop) Compress air connections along one wall in the workshop area.
  • Server closet/room big enough to fit a 4-post 19” rack close to available ventilation/ducting for later framing
Equipment that would make wonderful donations
  • Ladder suitable for use in a room with 13' ceilings

Stuff that hasn't been categorized yet

Shared Drawing Space (funvill)

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