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Budget System and Policy

  • Operations committee requests discretionary funds to replenish a formalize a list of staples that the space requires, plus any purchases totaling 150 (per month). This list will include : TP, Tea, Coffee (Specific brand), Hand Soap, Filters, Sugar, Disposable Plates
  • Purchases of less than $150 (per month) can be approved by the Operations Committee alone. Purchases greater than $150 must be approved by the membership as a whole. The Operations Committee is not obligated to approve or reimburse any purchases by members without prior approval.

Capital Expenditure

  • Operations committee is tasked with creating a prioritized budget which
    • States specific item(s), price ranges, specific brands/manufacturers, and purchaser
    • is circulated through the members mailing-list
    • open for a week discussion prior to an infrastructure meeting
    • purchased by a member of the operations committee once approved
  • Any member of the group in good standing can purpose a capital expenditure by the same means of posting the info to the member's mailing list one week prior to an infrastructure meeting. If the subject is discussed and consensus is reached, the member is responsible to make the purchase of the item


Member Equipment held at the space

  • has to be useful
  • items must be labeled if they are to be reclaimed
  • subject to common sense and constraints of space
  • no warranty or recourse for broken equipment

To discuss:

* Mentor member policy

* Waiver Form

* Space Policy

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