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-====== OpenROV Build ====== 
-A few people have expressed interest in building an [[http://​​|OpenROV]]. ​ We'll be documenting our progress here. 
-**Next Steps** 
-  * Determine what version to build. 
-  * Put together a BOM using as many local sources as possible. 
-  * Start gathering the parts. 
-  * Continue to examine the BBB software. 
-**Initial Look** 
-At this stage, it's been mostly research. ​ I've been reading up on OpenROV. ​ I've purchased a [[http://​​Products/​BeagleBone%20Black|BeagleBone Black]] from [[http://​​index.php|Lee'​s Electronics]] on Main St ($55 + tax).  Being lazy, I downloaded the [[https://​​OpenROV/​openrov-image|BBB image]] from the Github rep, unzipped it, and used [[http://​​projects/​win32diskimager/​|Win32 Disk Imager]] to write the image to a microSD card (2gb are required, but I had an 8gb card laying around). ​ Then I purchased a micro HDMI cable from The Source (around $10 I think), and took a quick peek at the BBB which runs linux. ​ The default username is: rov and the password is: OpenROV. ​ From there, I could browse to Start.html and see the interface used to control the ROV.  ​ 
-The point of all this was basically to get familiar with the BBB, and get a bit of insight into the project. ​ I'll likely update the image again before it's done.  Some other things to note: 
-  * I have not purchased the OpenROV Cape (the BBB version of a shield for any Arduino folks out there). ​ The current shield will work with the BBB, but it requires that you clip a couple of debugging pins.  Since I'm not even sure if I will build version 2.4 (current at the moment), or wait for 2.5, I'm not really keen to mod my BBB just yet. 
-  * I've joined the OpenROV site.  I sent in a request from the login screen, and within the day I was added. 
-  * I also joined the Google+ OpenROV group. ​ Some interesting posts in there. 
-  * I've downloaded the DXF files for the plastic parts. ​ They are broken into four files: Blue 3mm acrylic, White 3mm acrylic, Clear 3mm acrylic, and Clear 6mm acrylic. ​ Again, not sure I'll use these, but I wanted to take a look.  Some of the parts require bending. ​ This led me to think about building a nichrome wire acrylic bender similar to [[https://​​watch?​v=wVEf7PfuKxo|this]]. ​ I'll have to see how my time plays out. 
-  * OpenROV requests that you etch a serial number in to each build. ​ They provide them.  Once I've decided what version I'll be using, I'll probably do a test cut of the components, then request a serial number for the final cut. 
-Total Cost to Date: **$65 cdn** 
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