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VHS provides a physical space where hackers, computer geeks, engineers, circuit benders, crafters, and other creative types can gather to share ideas, equipment, opinions, and beer. We aim to create a sort of 24/7 brain gym, where members can show up and work on personal projects, consult with friends, and learn new tricks. More than just a studio space, we focus on sharing all sorts of knowledge within a friendly and collaborative atmosphere.

At this point most of our members are hardware and software engineers, many of whom share an interest in microcontrollers, robotics, electronic music and art, but we welcome anyone with skills to share and/or an interest in learning. If this is you, why aren't you here?

Become a Member!

Please see our Principles

Join our mailing list! - the easiest way to keep up to date on upcoming events.

Open Nights

Open nights are every Tuesday at 7pm. They are held at 45 W. Hastings Stentrance is through the back alley. Members/Non-Members/Super-Heroes/All are welcome to our Tuesday meetings. Check the calendar for information on upcoming workshops.

VanCal - refer to VanCal for upcoming open nights and events

Recurring Events

These events may either be open, or may require a fee to cover time/materials.

  • Craft Orama Rama - Every Second Monday (Next - Aug 2nd) 7:00 PM - Craft-centric night. All are welcome.
  • Tuesday 7:00 PM - Open Night - All are welcome
  • Thursday - Open Night / Software Hacking Night - Bring your own computer :)
  • Super Happy Hacker House - Bring your own projects and come socialize at our periodic late night hackathon!

We hope to flesh this out in the future.

Press Releases

Infrastructure meetings

VHS meetings are at 7pm on the days that contain 7 ie: 7th,17th,and 27th. Although member attendance is not mandatory it is encouraged.

they take place on irc #vhs @



We are located at 45 W. Hastings St. Access to the space is from the alley behind the building. The alley is off of Abbott Street, across the street from the Woodwards Building.


mailing list - the easiest way to keep up to date on upcoming events.

IRC - many of us also communicate/idle in #VHS on

Private Wiki - paid members also have access to the private wiki.

778-785-5982 - call us.

VHS Projects

About Hackerspaces



Other Info

  • wishlist - Want to donate some gear? these are some of the things we are looking for
  • havelist - Gear different members have and are willing to contribute to the hack space
  • Suppliers - List of places to get gear
  • Meeting Notes - Some old Meeting Notes
  • propaganda - Sticker Design / Logo ideas
  • quest for the space - We are growing, and depending on events/usage we will need a larger space for VHS 2.0.
  • cons - Past and Upcoming cons… Going? add your info/interests, lets get together for beer.
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