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VHS is looking for a new space. We've yet to find that perfect place, but we've really outgrown our old space. We need you help!

First of all, kudos to anyone who has already put time and effort into searching for spaces!

Space Search Hall of Fame:

  • Kevin (Grant st.)
  • Richard (150 Hastings)
  • Dallas (310 Industrial)
  • (anyone I'm missing?)
The process for proposing a new space looks roughly like this:
  1. Find a space on craigslist or another service.
  2. Propose the space to the list, the more details you have the better (dimensions, rent, lease information)
  3. Put the details on the Space Comparison spreadsheet
See the spreadsheet for detailed space considerations, in brief, we are looking for:
  • Large space (1500 - 3000 sq ft)
  • Low rent (~2000)
  • A cool landlord (will let us alter the space, won't be overly concerned with what we do there)
  • Good access (near transit, bike storage, parking nearby)
  • We can get large machinery into the building (laser cutter, CNC)
After that bonuses are things like:
  • Multiple rooms or easy renovation to multiple rooms
  • Amenities nearby (food, drink, supplies)
  • Street access (instead of alley)
  • High ceilings
  • A kitchen
  • Lots of electrical power (or even 3 phase)
  • Cool neighbors
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