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  1. Intro
  2. Instructions
  3. Storage Space
  4. To Do


The MAME machine is up and running in the new space. The bones are from a 4 player Blitz 99 game. The original monitor has been replaced with a flat screen. Originally at the old space, we had a PC running MAME. This has been replaced by a raspberry Pi that runs Advanced MAME. The RPi O/S is piMAME build (I believe based on Raspbian) from Shea Silverman's blog. In the old space, the buttons were set up with Player 1 and 2 controls running to a Jpac, and Player 3 and 4 controls running to an Ipac 2. The two 'pacs were then daisy chained together. The new configuration replaces the Ipac 2 and the Jpac with an Ipac 4. This means the Jamma harness has been removed, but it's a much cleaner build overall. The Ipac 4 is plugged into the RPi via USB. The RPi recognizes it as a keyboard. However, I've noticed that if another keyboard is connected, the RPi appears to stop responding to the controls. The audio comes from the headphones jack in the RPi and runs into a small amp, which is wired to the speakers in the marquee.

The MAME cabinet is not online. Please feel free to hack it!


The master power is controlled from a switch on the top left of the machine, near the back. It's hard to see. Usually, this is left on. The new setup does not require a keyboard. There are Enter and Escape buttons on the left side of the controls (far button is enter, near button is Escape). The pretend coins are added with buttons located where the coin slots used to be. P1 Coin is upper left, P2 upper right, P3 lower left, P4 lower right.

The audio come from a small amp which is located under the control panel. Adjust the glowing blue know to turn the sound up or down.

Storage Space

There is a door on the bottom left of the cabinet. All the silk screens are located in here. It's a bit sticky. The hope is that some day we're set up for silk screening and we can actually use them.

There is now an empty space in the back of the cabinet.

To Do

  • Perhaps get a wireless USB dongle so the RPi can be online
  • Properly mount the amp, perhaps figure out a way to adjust the volume without having to open the cabinet
  • Get some lights in the marquee
  • Repair the damage to the cabinet that occurred during the move (maybe)
  • Get some graphics for the sides??
  • articulating beer holders??
  • New controller layout - I've made a rough panel with the button holes cut out, but not the joystick. I'm not sure if I like the layout. It's beside the cabinet.
  • Add details about the AdvMAME interface to this wiki.

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