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If you think your mail to the list isn't going through, or that you should have gotten an email, but didn't, please email the list AND contact us via IRC (in case your email is going missing entirely).

Please include:

  • the UTC timestamp that you sent the email
  • raw contents of the “Message-ID” header
  • The email address you think you sent it from

I'm not going to bite your head off, but I do run some aggressive anti-spam to keep lists free of spam: The VHS lists are a massively scaled down version of what I run for the main Gentoo Linux mailing lists.

How to add a person to the members list The complexity level is quite low.

  1. Take member email address, replace '@' with '='.
  2. Eg '' becomes ''
  3. Send a single email to BOTH of these addresses (two addresses in the To field), replace with the address created above:
  5. The body of the email should be (this is for tracking only): “Subscribing (real name) to members list”

More help

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