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-==== General Software Usage ==== 
-[[laser_cutter_operation_manual#​software|Software in the Laser Cutter Operation Manual]] 
-==== Scale Issues ==== 
-DXF has no concept of scale, and you have to select a scale when you //export// DXFs. The laser software (EasyCut) assumes a millimetre scale. In other words, a DXF will contain a unit-less dimension of 1.0; and that could be 1 inch, 1 metre, 1 foot, or 1 millimetre for all the DXF format and/or reading software knows. No scale issues have been seen when using MM for export from various CAD packages. 
-==== Online tools ==== 
-[[http://​​index.php?​menue=/​boxdesigner/​menue.htm&​page=/​boxdesigner/​fingerbox.html|Box Generator]] generates arbitrary finger jointed boxes in SVG format. ​ Use Corel to convert the SVG to DXF. 
-  * [[http://​​blog/​2013/​02/​three-secrets-to-better-results-on-a-redsail-laser-cutter/​|3 secrets to better results]] 
-  * [[RedSail_CM1080_Laser_Cutter|RedSail CM1080 Laser Cutter specifications]] 
-  * [[laser_cutter_operation_manual|Laser Cutter Operation Manual]] 
-  * [[laser_cutter_settings|Materials and Settings Chart]]