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So, you want to host a night?

Nights are Generally Composed of 2 Groups of People:


Casual drop-ins (or non-members) are always welcome on open nights. If anyone wants to use the Maker Bot, CNC machine, sewing machines, or use an abundance of supplies from the space, we recommend a minimum $5 donation to the space.

If anyone who is not a member wants to host a workshop, they must pair up with a member to “bottom line” the event.

What does it mean to be a Bottom-Liner:

If you are bottom-lining a workshop or speaker series, it means that you are a member that is supporting a non-member’s workshop. If you are bottom lining an event, is your responsibility to:

  • Deem the feasibility of the workshop at the space. ie. we have a no open flame policy. Will there be open flames in this workshop? It’s up to you to account for the safety needs on a given night.
  • Arrive early to ensure that the space is adequately set up for the needs of the workshop (ie. clear off tables, turn on lights, make the space presentable)
  • Ask the host about any safety or health precautions that need to be taken for any workshop. For example, soldering involves lead - which means that there will be toxic fumes in the space. Turn on fans, open windows, and inform people that they should wash their hands after soldering, and not eat while soldering.
  • Are responsible for looking out for the overall safety of the space.
  • Ensuring that the space is clean afterwards (you don’t have to physically clean the space, but encourage everyone around you to clean up after themselves.
  • Lock up afterwards and be sure that there’s nothing that will catch on fire around the space.

If you notice someone new to the space, introduce them to our active calendar, list of upcoming workshops, equipment, and what it means to become a VHS member.

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