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we date back to August 20th, 2008, when the initial meeting happened at the Hackery. I've probably got a list somewhere of the people who were at that meeting. I believe we rented our first space in the summer of 2009, but I'd have to check my list archives (which are probably more complete than anyone else's, since I was part of VHS before it was cool).

VHS rented space from EHS in 2008, so technically that was the first rented space. VHS was there for several months, and moved out (some time in 2009). There was a server here for a little bit that Austin installed.

  • Beer and music at EHS
  • Suddenly new space!
  • Beer and music in new space
  • Rapidly outgrowing new space
  • New-new space
  • Beer and music in new-new space
  • Origami. Craft nights. Olympics. SHHHs. El wire.
  • Pre-maker faire blur
  • Maker Faire
  • (one-year blank due to vhs abstinence)
  • Beer

In May of 2013 VHS relocated to 270 East 1st Ave, The Bunker.

In January of 2015, VHS moved to 1715 Cook St, the Shoebox.

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