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Because of our creative user base we could design our telco around a knowledge sharing model.. All users have access to the core configuration code and overall system workflow. Beyond this the user is invited to streamline the system or find new cost effective ways of doing things. This could be anything from slick management interfaces or area code based cost effective sip routing. Lower overall system cost means a lower monthly bill.

  • Open/Documented Model
  • Percentage Based Fees, each user pays for their percentage of the overall system
  • Full featured. Including support for Voice mail, Line Encryption, Call-Forwarding, etc etc

For software I am leaning towards freeswitch, which is threaded, easily cluster-able, and after testing is seen to be a high performance sip switch. Another plus, The entire confuration uses XML which should make it easily configurable by outside software.

Current Development?

We have a Core 2, 2GB ram, ~10mbs / 4000GB transfer todo development on. It is currently running freeswitch-svn(1.5pre?) on debian 5.0. Want a account? let someone know.


feel you want to bring something to the table? commit to learning/building something

  • Understanding The basics of extension and voicemail configuration - ooze
  • maintaining a running/current version of freeswitch during our development - ooze

Future Development?

There are some initial things that should be in place before we commit to bulk ordering voip services

  • Ability to easily add users.. shell script? web interface?
  • Ability to formulate channel(voip line) usage statistics (per user percentage of system use)
  • Ticket system / Bug Tracker for usage issues?

Security Questions

if it's an open system and any member can theoretically modify it, would there be a need for precautions to make sure no one inserted anything malicious, such as a data tracking or recording function?

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