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Create an FTIR table that is 4:3 ratio. Ideally, it would be a large (1.6 m by 1.2 m) screen.

Bill of Materials:

  • OSFRAM IR LEDs (Approx 80 LEDs) - Note: The short end of these is Positive, unlike every other LED on the planet
  • A frame - Need someone good with woodworking to build this. Should be vertical
  • Sorta-Clear 40 - Can be bought in Delta from a supplier. Fairey & Co. Ltd
  • Tracing Paper - (To project the image)
  • IR Camera - (Can be made with a Webcam + Chunks of Developed Film. Prefer higher resolution for a larger screen. 1024×768 would be good)
  • Projector - 800 x 600 would be fine, but 1024 x 768 would be better.
  • A large 1.6m by 1.2m Sheet of Acrylic
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