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VHS Hack Challenge

It is our pleasure to announce the first VHS Hack Challenge. With all the amazing projects we have seen in the last few months at VHS, we want to help a few of these projects make it to a wider audience. Also, we want to give you, our fellow hackers, a little incentive to finish that masterpiece you have been working on and promote the VHS ideals of do-ocracy.

The entries can these forms;

Post a tutorial - open an Instructables account or post on your own blog. Quality of documentation is a factor, so please keep good notes and take lots of photos to help those who wish to replicate your little hack. Instant bonus points for getting a mention on MAKE or Hackaday. Please include some mention of the VHS Hack Challenge for our vain little hearts.

Give a talk - Got the goods on something interesting? Come and give a talk on it. If its informative and we can post a video of it - it will be considered.

Write some code - Maybe a little open source project you been working on? Got a helpful website up and running? Mention the VHS Hack Challenge, post it to the mailing-list and you are off to the races.

Make a kit - Add to the growing collection of VHS kits - any little open source do-dad we can offer to our members to build will further the cause. Nice work soldier.

Open to both VHS members and non members alike. In the spirit of inclusivity, we encourage everyone to submit their best hack or nicknack.

Deadline: April 30th, 2010 - The winner be announced at the following Tuesday night VHS meet. In the spirit of VHS, all entries will be judged based on the consensus of the members.

Prize: Infamy… oh, and a brand spankin' new DSO nano and Bus Pirate v3 from SeeedStudio.

Questions? Fire away, we will post any further rules that need clarification to the mailing list as we go.

Current Entrants

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