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Call a Number get a URL

Howto Use

  • Call 778.785.5982
  • Enter the conference number you would like to use
  • Enter a PIN, this is used to make the conference private. If no pin is required just hit #
  • Tell others the conference number so they can join and Talk
  • When the conversation is over press # to receive your URL
  • Recordings that are >60 days old are deleted

Dev Ideas/Notes

Call a number get a url.

This would be a phone number where you call in and the audio is recorded. The recorded calls would be available on a website after the call.

  • audio available under a CC license of some sort
  • option to text message the url to the caller
  • 3-way option to record conversations. Good for interviews.


  • <del>get a 604 or 778 voip number </del>
  • <del>run asterisk on a server (VHS box or member's???)</del>
    • <del>hack a hello world asterisk script</del>
    • <del>record each call until # is pressed</del>
    • <del>save call to a file</del>
    • associate the file with a tiny URL
    • <del>read the URL to the phone</del>
    • <del>hang up</del>
  • build website
    • buy domain
    • <del>setup server</del>
    • design site
    • implement site
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