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We have access to a property at Shuswap lake which would be a fantastic setting for a hackercamp 2012. We could even open the invites to our friends from protospace, ents or even our friends down south at hackerbot labs and metrix create:space.

Some cool things we could do

  • Evening lightning talks
  • fire boat challenge
  • laser-spiro projection against smoke at night
  • music/dj
  • hacker movie night
  • waterskiing/wakeboarding/tube wars
  • One thing we could do is a have a potluck dinner one night, and roast a whole pig An 80-pound pig easily feeds 50 to 60 people. Every camp could bring a side or vegetarian option or something else.

some cool things we could build

  • potato cannons!
  • sauna (fire ban permitting)
  • solar panel building
  • Solar powered wifi router with android 3G uplink
  • creek-chilled keg cooler
  • furniture build (picnic tables)
  • floating battleship
  • electroluminescent canoe
  • accurate site survey; paths, noteworthy geo features etc
  • kickass florescent lighting setup

More details on the property/event

  • +50°56'21.90“, -119°9'17.98”
  • 3G interwebs
  • family friendly
  • dog friendly (as long as the dogs are family friendly)
  • 100s of feet of waterfront
  • 15+ tent plots, cabin space, many acres to play
  • solar & hydro power, with a generator if we need more juice
  • ~5 hr drive from vancouver


  • How many bathrooms? - There are only 2 outhouses onsite, but more can be brought in.
  • What is the hard limit for attendance? - Think it could reasonably handle 50-70 ppl.
  • When is the fire ban? - ???
  • How many days should we run this event - 2 full days min, but because it is so far from town we should try and run it longer, 3-5 days?
  • How far is it away from vancouver? - 5.5hr drive


We want to find a date that works for the most amount of people possible and we should attempt to avoid conflicts with other events.

Which dates would work for you? Please add your nick or initials at the end of dates that you like.

Exploratory hacker camp:

  • May 19-21 (Victory day long weekend)
  • Planning meeting will be held in late April/early May to discuss ride sharing, food, camp requirements, etc..

Hackercamp at Shuswap

  • July 14-15 - the mosquitoes will be violent at this time | funvill, lukec
  • July 20-22 - the mosquitoes will be less violent at this time | funvill, lukec, fishboy
  • July 27-30 | fishboy
  • Aug 18-19 - fire bans usually in effect at this time | funvill, lukec, fishboy
  • Aug 25-26 - cabins are booked at this time | funvill, lukec

Other events.

A name

We need a better name then HackerCamp 2012. Suggestions?

  • Hack-in-North 2012
  • Swapmeet (pronounced “shhwap”)
  • Super Happy Hacking Camp

Awesome gear available for the camp


  • Full set of Makita cordless tools; drill, grinder, impact, jig, circular and recip saws for all your huge-hacking needs
  • one 7 amp and one 12 amp solar charge controller (12V system) and a 15W panel
  • 1KW Honda inverter generator - safe for use with touchy electronics
  • A fairly bright projector (4100 lumens)
  • one pair 250W road-ready speakers, needs an amp that doesn't weigh 60lbs….
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