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Local places to eat, and a few notes about them. Please list your favorites! Helpful notes like if they deliver, etc. are welcome.

Name Days & Hours Place Description URL
Nuba Cafe Mon-Sat 11h30-22h00
Sun 11h30-21h30
146 East 3rd av Ridiculously good and inexpensive Lebanese food a short walk away
Pizzeria Farina 17h00 till dough runs out 915 main st Great pizza a few blocks away; pickup/dine in only;
Budgies Burritos 11h00-00h00 44 Kingsway vegetarian burritos, licensed
The Foundation Sun-Thu 12h00-01h00
Fri-Sat 12h00-02h00
2301 Main St vegetarian, licensed none /
The Whip Mon-Thu 10h00-01h00
Fri 10h00-02h00
Sat 09h00-02h00
Sun 09h00-01h00
209 E 6th Av
8 & 1/2 Mon 12h00-23h00
Tue-Thu 12h00-0h00
Fri 12h00-01h00
Sat 11h00-01h00
Sun 11h00-23h00
151 E 8th Av
The Narrow Mon-Fri 17h00-01h00
Sat-Sun 17h00-02h00
Main & 3rd (southeast corner, look for the red light)
Mario's Gelato
Kranky Cafe Mon-Fri 08h00-17h00
Sat 09h00-15h00
228 E 4th Av
Wallflower Sun-Tue 09h00-00h00
Wed-Sat 09h00-01h00
2420 Main St
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