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-====== About ====== 
-VHS members & fans plan to build a [[http://​​thing:​34653|Lyman Filament Extruder]] to recycle ABS plastic scrap from DIY 3D printing. 
-This project requests your assistance. ​ Look for **Status** items and put your name in to show that you are taking care of it. 
-Example: ​ 
-  * //Dan R// Doing a thing 
-Together we can make this happen! 
-====== The Plan ====== 
-  * Acquire all the parts 
-  * Assemble the device 
-  * Test the device 
-  * Teach other how to use & maintain it 
-  * Upgrade the device 
-===== Acquire all the parts ===== 
-  * //needs a sponsor// Digitize the part list into a Google Doc so we can track the status of every part. 
-  * //Dan R// A bin must be created to hold all the parts. ​ The bin must be labelled and stored in the approved location. ​ The Filament Extruder should probably live under the fume hood near the fire escape because of the ABS fumes. ​ The Extruder needs about 12"​x24"​ of dedicated bench top space. 
-  * Once the list is digital we can divide the work of acquiring parts. 
-  * We may even be able to get a grant from VHS to fund the project. 
-  * Once we have every part we can begin Assembly 
-===== Test the device ===== 
-===== Teach other how to use & maintain it ===== 
-===== Upgrade the device ===== 
- * Put the device into a quick-access storage system so that it doesn'​t have to use valuable bench top space. 
-====== See Also ====== 
-  * [[Projects]]