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All of the VHS events are listed on the calendar.

Tips for a successful event


  • Put it in the google calendar. If you do not have write permission to the calendar, ask the directors.
  • Blog it. Include:
    • the who: the sign up form (if there is a limited class size)
    • the what: describe the class.
    • the when: date and time
    • the where: VHS' address
    • the how: a way to contact the organizer(s)
    • prerequisites: this they should know, things they should bring
    • the cost
    • a picture or video
  • Posters, stickers, and any other form of media are encouraged.
  • Arrive at least 45 minutes early for setup. You never know what mess the last people left behind.



  • Get the participants to clean up. Ask with a smile and they will often agree. Don't give them warning that cleanup will begin in 20 minutes, they'll vanish.
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