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When closing the space, please remember to:

  • Check that the VHS sidewalk sign is inside. (Are there keys for this? If so where do they live?)
  • Check the roller door is closed. To close, pull the door down and engage the metal tabs on each side of the frame.
  • Check that the heater is off. The switch is a light switch on the wall beneath the heater, marked heater.
  • Ensure the emergency exit egress path from Kokoro is clear of crap (chairs, boxes, stuff). This is the mystery door on the North wall.
  • Put any dishes in the sink. Bonus points for washing up!
  • Sweep junk from the tables onto the floor.
  • Sweep floor into the garbage/recycling.
  • Check that any music making devices are off.
  • Check for things that are dangerous unattended. Unplug any soldering irons. Turn off any fusion reactors.
  • If you know how, turn off any powered VHS art.
  • Turn off the bathroom light. The switch is near the bathroom.
  • Turn off the workshop lights. The switch is outside the workshop under the window to the left of the double doors.
  • Turn off the main lights. The switch is to the left of the South exit door.
  • Set ISVHSOPEN to closed. The switch is to the left of the South exit door.
  • With the South door closed, enter the alarm code (or *0) to arm the alarm. The Alarm LED will go red and it'll start beeping.

Thank you! <3

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