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-Sometimes the last stage of the laser focus system becomes misaligned. ​ This is usually due to vibrations from use over time. 
-//Some steps require careful timing. ​ Please read carefully all the way through before attempting this feat.// 
-  - Put in a piece of scrap wood 
-  - Adjust the height of the nozzle using the acrylic key hanging inside the main door. return the key. 
-  - In the Redsail app start a new design. Draw a single horizontal line moving from left to right. Set the speed to 3. 
-  - Download the design and start. 
-  - Open the laser cutter door a fraction. ​ The beam will turn off and the machine will stop moving. 
-  - Open it even further and, without moving the scrap, observe the difference between the red laser dot and the beam cut. 
-  - Loosen the bottom screw and adjust the nozzle until the red dot is just inside the right-most end of the cut.  Tighten the screw. 
-  - Close the door for a moment and open it again. ​ Note the change. ​ Repeat if necessary. 
-Your cuts should now be back to tip-top shape. 
-More complicated alignments involve high voltage and should not be attempted without advanced laser training. 
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