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General Information

About Hackerspaces



Periodic Events

Every Tuesday/Thursday is open night at VHS - usually doors are at 7pm. Join the mailing list and/or phone the space ahead if you're not sure. Every ~6 weeks we host Super Happy Hacker House - Bring your own projects and come socialize at our periodic late night hackathon! We also host Super Happy Crafter House - Bring your own craft-oriented projects and come socialize at our periodic late night hackathon!

Infrastructure meetings

VHS meetings are at 7pm on the days that contain 7 ie: 7th,17th,and 27th. Although member attendance is not mandatory it is encouraged. They take place on irc #vhs @

Board of Directors

The Vancouver Hack Space has a board of directors (as we're required to by the BC Societies Act) which is elected at each AGM.

The current directors are:

  • John Craver
  • Jeff Davis
  • Tyson Haverkort
  • Arthur Hazleden
  • Dallas Luther
  • Richard Sim
  • Stephen Smethurst

Other Info

  • wishlist - Want to donate some gear? these are some of the things we are looking for
  • havelist - Gear different members have and are willing to contribute to the hack space
  • Suppliers - List of places to get gear
  • Meeting Notes - Some old Meeting Notes
  • propaganda - Sticker Design / Logo ideas
  • quest for the space - We are growing, and depending on events/usage we will need a larger space for VHS 2.0.
  • cons - Past and Upcoming cons… Going? add your info/interests, lets get together for beer.
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